The Endurance / CTR Season starts  on the 1st of August each year.
Our rides are dependent on the availability of farmland and forestry as well as having enough helpers and officials to run a ride.
We will put flyers up for our rides and other neighbouring clubs events as soon as they are available. 

We will run a series of different category rides this season:

15km series;  20km series:  40km series;  

Or graduated series 15km, 25km and then 40km. 

Prizes are awarded for each series.

The winners will be calculated from among those that attend three rides using distance, heart rates and overall performance. Distances may be CTR and/or endurance.

Waikato draft calendar:

  22/23rd August- Fitzgerald Glades
  5/6th September - Fitzgerald Glades
  3/4th October - Fitzgerald Glades
  31/1st Oct/Nov - Thornton beach
  16/17th January-Pikowai (to be confirmed)
  6/7th February NI champs Waiouru
  03/04th April 2021 Easter-National Champs South Island
  17/18th April- to be confirmed























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